Music and Lyrics by Toby Huelin

Book by Toby Huelin and Lucy Fielding

"An opera that soars and plunges between euphoric ballads, catchy tunes, and aggressively clashing melodies...The moments of stunned silence before the applause were concrete proof of the success of the evening…"

Georgina Wilson, Cherwell


“A riveting and moving start to the drama season…The perfect antidote to all-dancing, foot-stomping jazz hands shows we are used to associating with musicals, not only just showcasing genuine vocal talent in a medium that isn’t a cappella, but offering a genuinely provocative, moving, and at times disturbing story.” 

Eleanor Shaw, The Tab

Freddie, a seventeen year-old girl, falls for an older boy, Jamie. Though always isolated, she becomes an object of envy for the other girls in her year. Her love becomes obsessive and both her family and her work suffer as a result. Before the end of the musical, it will become clear that it also has even more destructive consequences…

Jamie is never seen by the audience; he is present only in the effects he has on the other characters and in what they say about him.

Telling a story of lies and of trust, of love and of heartbreak, IN HER EYES asks the question of what happens when everything in your life falls apart, as a girl’s new relationship quickly turns sour. A stirring, dark and profoundly moving tale for the modern age.

IN HER EYES is a one-act, sixty-minute musical, for an entirely female cast. It was originally commissioned by Jersey College for Girls, and performed by A-Level students at the school, along with students from Oxford University. In January 2014, the show was performed at the Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford, to critical acclaim. The show is now available for licensing to schools and amateur groups. For more information, please get in touch.