Toby writes Victoria College Founders' Day Anthem

I was commissioned earlier in the year by my old school, Victoria College, Jersey, to write a new Founders' Day Anthem. The anthem is the first new piece of music to be written for the school since 1911, and was performed as part of the Founders' Day Celebrations on 28th September 2014 by the massed choirs of the students and staff, which I conducted. The piece will now be performed annually on Founders' Day.

I wrote the following note in the score:

I look back on the seven years I spent as a student at Victoria College with such fond memories, and I wanted to write a piece that could evoke feelings of my time at school, whilst also recognising the incredibly special history of the college. I conceived it as a kind of response to the College Carmen, a source of such great pride to all Old Victorians. Although it does not quote it directly, the Carmen is referenced in subtle ways throughout.

UPDATE: Here's a clip from the premiere performance in September 2014. I look forward to returning to Victoria College to hear the piece sung in future years by different groups of students!